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How Attention Hacking Generated Millions In Sales

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The most funded project in KickStarter history: “The Coolest”

Kickstarter recently witnessed the largest, most successful campaign in the history of the company, which grossed over $13 million in sales. This campaign beat out Pebble E-Watch (way before the new Apple Watch came out) and the Veronica Mars feature-length film. So what is this thing that generated so much hype, excitement and funding? What is the product that’s so amazing? Well, it’s a cooler. Yup, that thing you put food and drinks in when you go camping.

So, how exactly did a cooler attract 62,642 backers, over 2 million YouTube Views, and generate $13,285,226 in sales in just a few weeks? You’re about to find out why this product is so AWESOME, and how to use the inventor’s Attention Hacks to take your endeavors to epic new heights.


It is important to understand that this campaign’s success didn’t happen right away.

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Ari Sherbill

Marketing Awesomeness at PowToon.
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