Secret to Selecting the Perfect Soundtrack

The Secret to Selecting the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Video, Every Time

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This is a post by Guest Contributors Ron Passaro and Shawn P. Russel from Audio Verite.

Ok, so you’re making a video. Or, if you already have, great! But, now you want to add music. This is, of course, a smart idea. The advertising industry spends billions of dollars a year on music to help sell their products, as well as all the other audio/visual mediums – so you are in good company! But how do you decide what kind of music to use? This can be an overwhelming and intimidating task.

We are composers, and we deal with this issue professionally all the time. Matching music to picture is a bit of a black art, but we are going to help break down how to go about choosing the right music for your project.


Music for video is approached in really only a handful of ways:
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